Stargazing Side Quest Week 66: Mars in Gemini

Happy Wednesday! For the week of April 19th 2023 we will be revisiting the constellation Gemini from week 63. Instead of the stars in this constellation, we’ll be checking out a visitor! The planet Mars!

Back when we found Gemini for week 63, Mars was right at the beginning of the constellation. Today, Mars is just about half way through Gemini. By this time next month Mars will have left the constellation boundaries of Gemini and will be entering the constellation Cancer.

To find Mars tonight all you need to do is look to the western sky. There will be two red-ish “stars”: Betelgeuse in Orion, which will be near the horizon about to set if you’re out at 10pm. Above Betelgeuse will be the second red sky-dot, which is the planet Mars!

Let us know if you find Mars tonight! Be sure to tag @stargazingsidequest and on IG so we can share and celebrate your stargazing achievement for this week!

As always, sky pics are all from the free program Stellarium!

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