text synth

there is a pool with no water in it and a diving board and the rain cloud storming overhead and a little boy on a bicycle.” “He stops and leans his bike against the diving board, he’s still not very good at balancing it, but he thinks it’s quite a lot of fun and he leans back and he dives into the water but it’s very, very deep and he thinks maybe he could get drowned, but he keeps going, in and out of the water and he swims round and round the pool, and I think the rain is over and that he’ll get wet, but then he comes out again, in and out, and he gets back on his bike, and I think the pool is starting to fill up with water, there’s water coming in through the floor, and then a man in a red raincoat walks in and there’s a little girl with him and they start taking turns to dive into the water, and then they stand up, in and out, in and out and I think they’re coming up for air, but the little girl doesn