Stargazing Side Quest Week 70 – Corona Borealis

Happy Wednesday WUFO friends! For our 70th week we will be finding a crown in the sky – the constellation Corona Borealis.

Corona Borealis is a small constellation near last week’s side quest target Bootes. It’s most well-known star is Alphecca, the crown jewel.

Corona Borealis is a fairly small and faint constellation, but its semi-circle shape is pretty easy to distinguish once you know where in the sky to look. To find Corona Borealis tonight, start by locating bright Arcturus in the east from last week’s stargazing side quest target. From Arcturus look for a small arc or semi-circle of stars nearby with a bright one in the middle. Here is where you’ll find the night sky’s crown jewel.

Let us know if you find this constellation tonight! Tag us @stargazingsidequest and with your stargazing stories and sky pics!


Corona Borealis Constellation

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