Resources for Cloudy Nights

Cloudy skies? Too cold? No sky access? No problem! Here are some ways to join along even if you’re unable to see the sky:

Virtual Telescope & App

1. Nasa Sky Cameras – there are a variety of cameras available for viewing all over the US, from the comfort of your computer or smartphone! Cozy up on the couch, watch a sky cam and live-tweet what you see using the hashtag #WFUO.

2. Sky Gazing Apps – here’s a list of 13 apps you can download onto your smartphone for a view of your night sky! A lot of the options are free, with plenty of options included for Apple & Andriod – some even include constellations/astrologically significant spots!

If you’re wanting to have a more…immersive experience, why not try making contact from within?

Guided Meditation & Remote Viewing

Here are 3 free views, all guided and geared towards making contact with extra/ultraterrestrials.

DISCLAIMER: We have not personally participated in a formal group CE5 session (many of you have recommended that we try), but have done individual sessions, independent/not affiliated with CE5. We do not endorse Steven Greer or his methods, as we are not familiar/experienced with them firsthand.