How to Make a UFO Shrine

What if we made a UFO shrine for Aerial Entities?

Nearly every culture has some kind of “shrine” concept. The general idea is that you create a special dwelling space for spirits, ancestors, deities, or other entities, and invite them in. Some shrines look like little houses, some look like altars with images or relics from family history, some look like simple pictures hanging on the wall. For , we thought it could be fun and interesting to make shrines that look like UFOs!

You can use anything you’d like to build a UFO Shrine, and considering how many different kinds of UFOs there are, it could look like almost anything, too. Pie plates a la cheesy old UFO movies? Triangular structures covered in fairy lights? Cigar-shaped clay sculptures? You could even be funny and use a container of tic-tacs ha ha ha. 

It doesn’t have to be fancy (although it could be). Here’s one we made:Model UFO made w/takeout container covered in foil. Green alien with large eyes is visible through plastic.This was made with a take-out container and some foil. It’s filled with a selection of items we thought would be significant to Aerial Entities:

  • The pilot, of course– a nice green “grey alien” style bendy;
  • Some contextless tech with diodes and a circuit board;
  • A tiny vial of UFO Water;
  • A stone from Boleskine House for some truly weird energy;
  • Some bismuth (the most “UFO” of crystalline structures);
  • and a lil’ sculpture of Laika the Dog (requiescat in pace).

On Wednesday, we’ll be bringing our shrine outside with us and using it for offerings, asking the aerial entities overhead to consider joining us for a chat. Maybe they’ll even consider taking up permanent residence if we ask nicely and provide some yummy snacks.

If you make a UFO Shrine, be sure to share it with us using the hashtags and/or #UFOShrine. Good luck, and happy WUFOing!