Aerial Entities Summoning Ritual

Aerial Entities Summoning Ritual

This is a ritual for summoning an aerial entity into a container of UFO water. It’s based on a formula found in “The Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet,” the best extant version having been edited by David Rankine. This text was itself cobbled together from a wide variety of sources, including Agrippa, Bacon, and other members of the Western “cunning person”/magic tradition. I’ve also incorporated aspects of Hellenistic Quasi-Gnostic Greco-Egyptian magical practice in the section on determining the name of the entity you’ll be inviting into the vessel. For an example of this practice, see the (very fragmented) “Marsanes,” found in the Nag Hammadi collection.  Familiarity with these texts isn’t necessary for this ritual, but if you wanna dig further, go for it!

Cover: "The Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet"

I’m not going to get too far into the long-standing practices of trying to summon an entity into a container of some kind. Everybody knows about genies in bottles and lamps; this practice can be traced back almost as far back as people have been making containers and filling them with things.

This lil’ ritual is designed to be pretty easy and low-stakes (i.e. no risk of inviting in the wrong thing). It’s also meant to allow for self-determination on the part of the entities. Rather than forcing and threatening these entities, as has been traditional in colonialist/Christianist systems of magic,  we are instead offering a fair exchange of services (from our POV), after which the entity will be free to leave. We’re not “capturing” or “trapping” anything; we’re providing a nice place for the entity to hang out and give us a hand.

We can talk about the actual metaphysics/ontology of “why this might work” some time, but this should work without going into too much detail. Feel free to change or modify the ritual based on your own traditions or understandings of these things. If you personally benefit from “spiritual cleansing” or preparation of any kind, you’re welcome to do so. This is “open source” and we’re releasing it into the wild for you to use in any way you see fit!


  • UFO Water (click for instructions– should be at least a week old);
  • A clean container with a lid that closes (bottle, jar, take-out container, tupperware, etc.);
  • A piece of blank paper, preferably from a new package/journal/etc. but if not that’s OK;
  • A colored pencil, pen, crayon, marker, or paint (the color in question will be selected below);
  • A sweeter of some kind, approximately 1/7 the amount as your UFO water (i.e. if you have a cup of UFO water, you want 1/7 cup of sweetener– estimating is fine). Raw honey is best but use whatever you have on hand (maple syrup? coconut sugar? “Nerds” candy?).
  • A small amount of plant matter (living) that fits into your container, collected from your local area/neighborhood. Should be fresh, not something purchased from a grocery. Flowers are good, or green pine cones. Conifer needles are also really good. If you’re familiar with the planetary correspondences of your local plants, feel free to choose accordingly, but it’s not required.
  • A candle corresponding to the color of your chosen planet, or a white candle.


This is probably the most complicated part of the ritual. First you’ll need to determine which Planet you’re interested in contacting. The idea is that the entity we invite into our vessel will assist us with the planetary aspects of whatever planet it’s from. While it’s dwelling in the bottle, it can be called upon for assistance or knowledge of that planet’s corresponding traits. the UFO water itself can be used in operations like scrying,

We’ll be sticking to the seven traditional planets from the Western tradition because there’s a large volume of literature surrounding them– feel free to look up full details, but the basics (including their colors) are:

Saturn – Time, cycles, ‘harvest,’ duty, long-term plans, shadow work, curses, etc. – BLACK
Jupiter – Power, politics, government, money, law, employment, etc. – BLUE
Mars – Strength, ambition, energy, force, protection (physical), etc. – RED
Sun – Self-work, enlightenment, the arts, friendships, family, protection (spiritual), physical health, etc. – YELLOW
Venus – Love, relationships, plants, growth, emotional health, etc. – GREEN
Mercury – Intelligence, communication, learning, writing, networking, etc. – PURPLE
Moon – Magic, occult, introspection, protection (mental), mental health, etc. – SILVER or WHITE

Once you’ve chosen a planet, it’s time to determine the name of the entity. In the Mediterranean tradition we’ll be using, each of the Seven Vowels of the Greek alphabet (A, e (short), E (long), I, o (short), U, O (long)) are associated with a planet as follows:

A – Moon
e – Mercury
E – Venus
I – Sun
o – Mars
U – Jupiter
O – Saturn

The consonants also have correspondences; for the purposes of this ritual, we’re going to use the ones associated with AIR signs (Aerial Entities, remember?):
R – Air
K – Gemini
X – Libra
Ch – Aquarius

The name is made via a combination of vowels and consonants. So, for instance, if I decide to contact an entity from Mars, the name I’d use would be RoKoXoCho. The exact order of the consonants is open to personal interpretation/intuition.

This is a SUPER easy and condensed version of determining an entity’s name using phonetic correspondences. For way more on this process I HIGHLY recommend “The Greek Qabalah” by Kieren Barry. If you know how, or if you’re feeling frisky, feel free to modify this process. The following chart gives the correspondences found in Barry’s work:

A Moon N Virgo
B Aries’ X Libra
G Earth o Mars
D Water P Fire
e Mercury R Air
Z Taurus S Scorpio
E Venus T Sagittarius
Th Ether U Jupiter
I Sun Ph Capricorn
K Gemini Ch Aquarius
L Cancer Ps Pisces
M Leo O Saturn

If you’re familiar with magical correspondences and want to play around with entity names, go wild, but for the purposes of this experiment, it’s recommended that you choose one planet and stick to it.

(P.S. This helps make sense of a LOT of those “Barbarous names” and Alien names from UFO literature, too!)


  1. Prepare your space and light your candle. Center and/or ground yourself and visualize a corridor of light pink energy opening between yourself and your chosen planet.
  2. When you feel connected to your planet, place the sweetener, the plant matter, and your UFO water into your vessel. Close, seal, and shake until the sweetener has dissolved, then reopen the vessel.
  3. Using a writing instrument colored according to the planet (see above, for ex. blue for Jupiter), draw the following figure. Replace the sigil circled below with a planetary sigil corresponding to your chosen planet (the standard astrological symbols are fine, for example, see, but if you know how to create sigils/kameas/magic squares and want to do so, go wild). Draw the face according to your own intuition. Write your entity’s name on the back of the paper.
  4. Place the figure over the top of your vessel, and speak the following:

“Greetings, [Entity Name]. I, [Your Name], wish to invite you into this vessel before me. I have provided sweet snacks as an offering, and request your presence within. In the names of ANTHUOR, ACHO, PERSEPHONE, INDRID COLD, ASHTAR [Feel free to replace with your chosen spirits/powers here], I invite you in. Let’s hang out, and help one another if we can. Descend from [Planet] into this vessel which has been prepared as a dwelling place for you, and dwell within for as long as the snacks herein remain. In exchange, I ask you to help me see things that cannot be seen, know things that cannot be known, and do things which cannot be done. Acknowledge your residence herein by the subtle agitation created by your presence, [Entity Name], and depart only when the snacks have been consumed. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide, and let us know if you have any questions.”

5. Visualize the face you’ve drawn on the paper slowly descending into the vessel and vanishing into the water.

6. When it feels as though the ritual has been accomplished, extinguish the candle and close the circle using your preferred method if you’d like. Next, seal the vessel but not too tightly, and place in a warm spot in your house with the paper. After a few days, shake the bottle; if the entity accepted your invitation, the UFO water should begin bubbling or fizzing. Once this happens, be sure the vessel is opened daily or is allowed to “burp” so it doesn’t accidentally explode. If no bubbles appear after a week, the entity did not accept your invitation. You can try again with a different entity or different sweetener/plant matter some other time.

7. As long as the UFO water is bubbling, the entity remains present within. Use it for scrying, for asking questions, for cleansing, and for general assistance with whatever the planet is associated with. Simply address the entity by name and ask for its assistance.

Once the water no longer bubbles, the entity has departed according to the deal you made.

Yes, this is a ritual that uses fermentation to establish a link with unseen entities. The week-old UFO Water has off-gassed any chlorine or other chemicals added during water treatment, which encourages the growth of beneficial microbes in the water during the fermentation process. The plant matter hosts wild yeast which devours the sugar and produces gas and alcohol as by-products, thus the bubbles. The entity invited into the vessel provides the “life force” necessary for this fermentation to happen.

Unless you are experienced with fermentation and have done so before, please do not consume this UFO water. That said, those who are experienced at the art of fermentation can experiment with using this method to summon spirits into sauerkraut or home-brewed beer or wine, or even sourdough bread!

Let us know what happens!

— Jeremy Puma