It’s that time again. On Wednesday, October 4 at 8PM PST, right here at wufo.watch or on the Liminal Earth YouTube, we’ll be gathering together to hang with LIMINAL ENTITIES!

Last week we tested our psychic abilities with the help of some Zener cards and Kreskin’s ESP. This week, we’ll be partying in a few parking lots across the Pacific Northwest! PARTYING IN PARKING LOTS? What does THAT mean? You’re just going to have to join us and find out.

Bring snacks and be ready for weirdness! SEE YOU SOOOOOOON!



It’s that time again. On Wednesday, September 20 at 8PM PST, right here at wufo.watch or on the Liminal Earth YouTube, we’ll be gathering together to hang with AERIAL ENTITIES!

Last week we sent postcards to a Cave Nymph (and other environs) and experimented with a mushroom-ink based crystal ball. This week, we’ll have a report from the West Virginia Mothman Festival, and then we’ll be taking a deep dive into KRESKIN’S ESP, a “family board game” that purports to help you test and develop your very own PSYCHIC POWERS. And, you’re invited to play along!

Simply download these two printable files and bring them along when you listen:
1) score card (png | pdf)
2) reference sheet (png | pdf)

Let’s find out WHO IS THE MOST PSYCHIC! Don’t miss this one. A GOOD TIME WILL BE HAD BY ALL!

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Join your pals from Liminal Earth right here on Wednesday, September 6 at 8PM PST for the first post-summer WUFO Livestream of 2023!

We’ll do some catching up, chat about some of our latest weird theories, share some news from the world of Liminal Earth, report on the snacks we’ve recently enjoyed, and of course have some strange experiments to try. Don’t miss it!

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New to WUFO? Scroll down for details and an FAQ. Can’t wait to see you there!


Until then, we’ve “GONE FISHIN,” but WUFO isn’t cancelled: scroll down for details!

The official WUFO livestream is on hiatus for the summer but we’ll be back in September. Just because we’ve “Gone Fishin'” doesn’t mean you can’t WUFO! Every Wednesday night at 10PM local time, you can:

  • Go outside at 10pm your time and look up
  • Make UFO Water
  • Visit the Liminal Earth YouTube and watch the FULL ARCHIVES of past livestreams. THERE ARE SO MANY!
  • Set out offerings for entities or make a UFO Shrine.
  • In case of inclement weather/inaccessibility you can follow these links to virtual telescopes/live sky feeds/guided meditations for making contact with aerial entities. You can read those posts here and here.
  • Print out your WUFO punch card! You can download the file here. Be sure to give some to your friends! Extra points if you laminate yours. We made a Tiktok about it and you can watch it here.
  • Whatever other wild experiments you may want to try!

Let us know what you’re doing for ! If you have any cool thoughts or experiences, tag us on Instagram or Mastodon and let us know!



According to the great John Keel, the best time to see a UFO is on any Wednesday night at 10 PM (Mothman Prophecies, pp 143-144). Based on Keel’s research, we decided to form an official Wednesday UFO Watch club! It is 100% open, free, and you can even participate virtually/remotely!

What is the purpose of this, you may ask? The goal is to get as many folks as possible to simply look up – gather some snacks, chairs, lights and make an event of it. This club is 100% open to everyone and is 100% free. Read more in the FAQ.

We encourage you to do Wednesday UFO Watch every Wednesday night, at 10 PM your local time.

Join us for our stream here at wufo.watch, Wednesdays starting at 8:00pm PST.