Stargazing Side Quest week 50 – Moon and Jupiter

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today we’re doing the last side quest of 2022! Can you believe we’ve been learning the night sky for just about a whole entire year already?

This week will be an easy one. Tonight when you go outside to see if Keel was right about being more likely to see a UFO at 10pm on a Wednesday, be sure to take a look at the western sky. There you’ll see the waxing crescent Moon with a very bright “star” that’s actually Jupiter!

The Moon and Jupiter will be near the constellation Pisces. We found Pisces back in September for week 36. Do you recognize these stars from the previous side quest? If not, this will be a great opportunity to refresh your memory!

I hope you all had a great holiday season! I can’t wait to get started on a whole new year of Stargazing Side Quests next week. I already have the whole entire year planned out for us!

As always, send us your stargazing pics! Tag @stargazingsidequest ,, and on IG so we can boost and celebrate your weekly achievement!


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