Stargazing Side Quest – Nov 30, 2022

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s time for another #WUFO Stargazing Side Quest! For week 46 we will be looking for the constellation 💫CASSIOPEIA💫
This constellation looks kinda like an M or W depending on your point of view. To find Cassiopeia look to the northern sky. This is one of those constellations that’s pretty easy to learn so you will probably be able to find it just by it’s distinctive shape, but if you want to star hop, you can start from Perseus (week 41) or Polaris (week 6).
Cassiopeia is known as the boastful wife of king Cepheus who pissed off Neptune enough to send sea-monster Cetus to wreak havoc upon the coast of Cepheus’ kingdom. To avoid this fate, their daughter Andromeda was left chained to a rock for Cetus to find, but then came Perseus to save the day!
According to planetarium manager Brad Snowder, (who just so happened to tweet this just minutes before I went to post this week’s side quest) if we were to view Cassiopeia from Alpha Centauri, it would have an extra star – our sun!
Projected along the ecliptic, where we get the tropical zodiac, the stars of Cassiopeia span ~16°♈-17°♊. According to Manilius, Cassiopeia “brings forth goldsmiths who can turn raw materials into countless shapes”. (Diana K Rosenberg in Secrets of the Ancient Skies vol 1) I have a few planets here and absolutely love making jewelry. Do you have anything in this part of the zodiac? To learn more about this constellation check out Let us know if you find Cassiopeia tonight by tagging @stargazingsidequest and #WUFO with your stargazing pics and setup so we can boost and celebrate your stargazing achievement! I’ll be reposting your pics to my stories here! As always be sure to check out for more info on tonight’s livestream, stargazing resources, merch, and other fun things!

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