Wednesday UFO Watch – August 3rd, 2022

It’s Time! We hope you’re having a great summer! This is Week 29! If you’re new, here’s a FAQ that will get you started. Reminder: send us a picture of your completed punch card and we’ll send you a little something in the mail!

At its very core, WUFO is a fun break from the week to hang out and enjoy each others’ virtual presences. You can do as little as go outside (or check a sky cam) at 10 PM your local time, or as much as hosting your own WUFO watch party (virtually or IRL)! WUFO has also created itself in a way and is continuing to grow all on its own – we’re here for the ride, wherever it may take us. We’re glad you’re here, too!

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Weekly Live Contact Session

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Gone are the days where you need to check various socials for our weekly live contact sessions – now, you can watch the stream right here at 8:30 PM PST. Hit that bell icon to turn on notifications for this event!

Stargazing Side Quest

Your Wednesday Night UFO Watch party side quest is here, courtesy of Astrologer Extraordinaire Maighdlin Kelly:

For 3 August 2022 we will be looking for the huge serpent constellation the sky known as


Draco is not one of the brightest constellations, but its pretty easy to find in the sky. If you can find Vega in the summer triangle & Polaris (prev side quests) youll be able to see where in the sky this constellation, is right in btwn them. Vega is pretty bright so start there.

One of the tail stars in Draco, Thuban (Alpha Draconis) was actually the pole star in 2600 BC. Due to precession (wobble of orientation of earths axis), it is now Polaris.

Draco is also where the Cat’s Eye nebula is found as well as some exoplanets. Learn more about Draco here.

Let us know if you found Draco tonight! Be sure to tag and LiminalEarth (and me if you want!) with your stargazing pics and observations so we can celebrate your completed side quest!

Consider joining Maighdlin’s Patreon here for more Astrology awesomeness.

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You can visit our shop here. Right now, the shop has both WUFO and Liminal Earth merch, but it this will soon be a WUFO-only shop. Also: we are offering FREE SHIPPING each and every Wednesday! Use code WUFO at checkout!

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Last Week’s Recap

We took a break from the Live Contact Session last week, but you bet your butts we still went outside and looked up at 10 pm! After all, Alex said it best:

Let’s see how folks spent WUFO last week:

Tonight’s Plan

It’s a PAJAMA PARTY tonight, y’all! is officially a form of self care – you gotta show up in your most comfortable attire ✨🤘🏻

Tonight’s WUFO Checklist:

  • Set out UFO water
  • Gather snacks
  • Boost/donate to this week’s fund
  • Perform some groundwork/light meditation
  • Join our weekly Live Contact Session at 8:30 PM PST
  • Use a night sky app or head outside to participate in the Stargazing Side Quest
  • Commune with nature and/or your loved ones
  • Take a pic of your setup/activities and use tag

As always, we are conducting our weekly live contact session right here, this time at 8:30 PM PST. Join us for some card pulls and an Estes Method session! If you’re wanting to watch directly from this site, all you have to do click the video above when it’s time!

Once 10:00 PM PST rolls around, we will head outside to look up and spend some time gazing at the sky. Bring plenty of snacks, blankets, and maybe some hagstone binoculars (if you just happen to have some around, like Jeremy). This concludes today’s WUFO post – we are SO excited for tonight’s watch! Who’s going to be “looking up” with us?!

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