Wednesday UFO Watch – March 23rd, 2022

#WUFO is here once again – this is Week 10! If you’re new, here’s a FAQ that will get you started.

New Live Stream!

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A new Sigil! 

Wanna add some “juice” to your #UFO magic? We’re proud to present the OFFICIAL sigil. We set our intention and created the sigil using the planetary square of Mercury (for communication) then added the symbol for the star Vega! Feel free to download and “Share and Enjoy!”

Also, keep your eyes peeled for sticker and shirt sales, coming very soon!

You can also join us LIVE on TikTok this Wednesday at 9:00 PM PST! You can RSVP here. (We will be simulcasting on Youtube and TIkTok). Until then, check out our TikTok page for more videos on WUFO, weird oranges, HAM radio, and more! Use hashtag on Twitter, IG, Tiktok, etc. to share what you’re experiencing in real-time.

Special Announcement

Check back on later on 3/23/22

Stargazing Side Quest

Every week we’ll also be featuring an astronomical side-quest from estimable astrologer Maighdlin Kelly! While you’re looking at the sky, take a moment to get to know it better.

Maighdlin says:

For the week of 23 March 2022 we’re going to be looking for something different, instead of a star we’re going to find Messier object number 31 aka:


This galaxy is found in the Andromeda constellation. Cassiopeia is kinda pointing at it so that’s how I like to locate this galaxy. Start at Orion, look up to find bright Capella (which we found a few s ago), then a ways above that you’ll find the M/W shape of Cassiopeia.

This link here has a lot more info on Andromeda as well as extra pics to help you locate it in the sky. Andromeda is best viewed in November, but its still visible most nights.

Andromeda is the furthest object we can see with the naked eye so it’s not very bright and easy to see like Capella or Sirius, but if you’re lucky you can see it without a scope. If it is too dim to see tonight, try with a pair of binoculars (or when the sky is clearer/darker).

Did you know that in about 4 billion years our galaxy The Milky Way will likely collide with Andromeda? I first learned about that as a kid and it blew my lil mind. Can you imagine what the night sky would be like with a whole other galaxy about to slam into us? 🤯

This is our first Spring so I wanted to celebrate the astrological new year with having us find something a little different. Remember to use an app like Sky Map to help you locate M31 if you need to.

The Andromeda galaxy won’t show up on a phone pic so what I plan to do is sketch out its position with a pen and some paper.

Pro tip: Use a red light to preserve your night vision so you can sketch out more detail. 🔦

Remember to tag us with your sketches and sky pics! Happy stargazing and UFO hunting!

Consider joining Maighdlin’s Patreon here for more Astrology awesomeness.

Last Week’s Recap

Last week was a bit more low-key than the previous. It’s nice to remember that WUFO can be celebrated in all sorts of capacities – it can be as minimal as checking a night camera and as much as throwing an after-dark bonfire BBQ block party with telescopes galore. It’s fun knowing that folks around the world are doing it with you.

Bex made more UFO pretzels! During our first live contact session on TikTok, we received the message “UFO pretzels”. After that, Bex has been making homemade soft pretzels with UFO water! Bex even left 2 as offerings for the aerial entities – after all, they seem to be pretty snacky.

During the live contact session, Bex tried a variety of divination methods: a handmade fortune teller, a foam dry erase dice, oracle and tarot cards, and the Estes Method.

Then, she goes under for an Estes Method session. Here is the full transcript:

We finish the evening by each going outside and looking up!

Let’s take a peek at what folks got into last week:

And now, let’s take a look at last week’s WUFO Art from Unexplainables Creations:

Tonight’s Plan

As this is being written, it is currently about 50 and rainy. Will the rain let up just in time for tonight’s sky watch? We shall see! Happy that the spring flowers and mushrooms are getting a good drink, though.

Tonight, Bex will be making edible UFOs out of peanut butter, corn flakes, honey, and powdered milk! It’s nostalgic for her (peanut butter surprise balls were a recipe she received in her first cookbook as child), and now she’s transmuting that nostalgia energy into these fun food offerings for our aerial friends. She’s also working on a UFO Shrine!

Jeremy has made vegan chapulines (fried grasshoppers) using invasive blackberry shoots, and will be providing them as a food offering for tonight’s guests (whoever they may be). He made a TikTok how-to, and you can watch it here.

The three of us will be going live tonight. How? We will be embedding a YouTube stream into this very site’s homepage. Bex will still be streaming on TikTok, but this allows for Garrett, Jeremy, and any guests present to be able to ask questions verbally, and be heard by everyone. This means questions by viewers will be read out loud while Bex is “under” the Estes Method – we feel this is an important (but not a requirement) component to a successful session (our in-person sessions have been the most compelling, like our in-person session with Jim Perry last month and two weeks ago with California Creepypasta).

Our goal with this embed stream next week is to be able to have a guest on for a bit before the 9:00 PM PST live contact session, like a “WUFO talk show” of sorts – think “radio station at a parade”. We’ll have folks pop on to talk about their WUFO plans, share any strange aerial encounters they’ve experienced, and more of the sort!

Don’t forget to make your UFO water, leave food items as offerings for the beings, and gather plenty of blankets and lights.

As always, we are conducting our weekly live contact session on TikTok at 9:00 PM PST. Join us for some card pulls and an Estes Method session! You can RSVP here

Once 10:00 PM PST rolls around, we will head outside to look up, find Andromeda and spend some time gazing at the sky. Bring plenty of snacks, blankets, and maybe some hagstone binoculars (if you just happen to have some around, like Jeremy). This concludes today’s WUFO post – we are SO excited for tonight’s watch! Who’s going to be “looking up” with us?!

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