Wednesday Night UFO Watch – February 23rd, 2022

Happy Wednesday, fellow WUFO-ers! Who’s ready for tonight?!

#WUFO is here once again – this is Week 6!

On Wednesdays (at 10 PM your local time), We Look Up! If you are new to us, just passing through, or have some questions, check out this article on here.

For those returning, WELCOME BACK! In past posts, we shared info on exactly how this event started, and what folks can do to participate in case of inclement weather/inaccessibility (with links to virtual telescopes/live sky feeds/guided meditations for contact). You can read those posts here and here.

We have punch cards, a UFO water recipe, weekly astrology side quests, AND an official website: WUFO.WATCH!

Click here to tune in for our weekly live Estes Method Session over on TikTok at 9:00 PM PST.
Use hashtag on Twitter, IG, Tiktok, etc. to share what you’re experiencing in real-time.

If you’d like to join us for a more in-depth post mortem on the events of tonight over on the Liminal.Earth Discord – consider joining our Patreon for just $1!

Last week, Garrett was a segment guest on Jim Perry’s Nite Drift and talked about WUFO – you can listen here.

Before we recap last week’s WUFO events, let’s take a look at this week’s sidequest:

Stargazing Sidequest

Every week we’ll also be featuring an astronomical side-quest from estimable astrologer Maighdlin Kelly! While you’re looking at the sky, take a moment to get to know it better.

This week, thanks to a tweet by @8BitSasquatch, we’re going to find the North Star aka Polaris! The easiest way to find the 49th brightest star is to face north and look for it in between the Ursa Major & Cassiopeia.

If you’re facing North, Cassiopeia will be on the left & Ursa Major on the right. The pics show south facing view. If you aren’t sure which direction you’re facing, look for Orion. If it looks “right side up” that means you’re facing south. Turn around 180° to find Polaris.

Polaris is a great ⭐ to learn because its always in the same spot in the sky every day and every night. Polaris will be our North ⭐ for the next 12,000 years til the north pole points to Vega due to axial precession.

– Maighdlin

Did you know they will be presenting at the ParaMuseum’s PHENOMENACON this Friday!? Here’s the details:

If you’re interested in attending this incredible event, you can find more information, speaker info, and tickets (only $15) here.

Last Week’s Recap

Live Estes Method Session

Every week at 9:00 PM PST, we go live on TikTok for an Estes Method Session. We attempt to contact any aerial entities nearby using an SB7 spirit box, noise cancelling (isolating is better) headphones, and a blindfold.

We are currently still in the process of transcribing last week’s responses, and will add the results here soon!

Some noteworthy moments were hearing a cat meowing (could have been a stray, but cats seem to keep coming up/interrupting us during WUFO), receiving the name Mary Warren (when a TikTok user asked “What’s your name” in the comments), and hearing the neighborhood animals suddenly stir up/make noise as Bex was getting some consistent responses while “under”.

If you’re a Patron of Liminal Earth, you’ll have access to the entire unedited session in the next few days (per usual). We have a few ideas on how to better keep records of what is said during the session, as well as questions asked. We are also tinkering with programs that’ll allow us all to be on TikTok live together.

Now, let’s see what Garrett has been up to this week:

A Man and His HAM Radio Antenna:

This week, Garrett built a totally DIY directional antenna that can be used to transmit radio signals at passing UFOs! It wasn’t completely painless – there were a few flesh wounds and an abnormal amount of burns from the soldering gun – but we made it work! But over all not too complex and fairly inexpensive – all you really need is some pvc pipe and a tape measure for the main components. Here’s the video that describes how to make your Yagi antenna for under $20:

YouTube player

Yes, that’s right – you can just cut a tape measure and the metal inside it will act as the perfect medium for beaming signals into the sky! The pipe serves as the base for holding everything together and it makes a perfect wizard staff for pointing into the sky!

You may remember back in November, 2021 when Garrett got on the Seattle-based PSRG repeater to ask other amateur radio enthusiasts the best way to contact The Black Knight Satellite and other potential alien technology and/or space debris. This gets us one step closer to doing that. And the thing actually works – Garrett was able to make a contact in Seattle (about 16 miles as the crow flies!) for the first time since moving out to Bremerton across the Puget Sound! Check it out.

You can watch a video here of the construction of this new sacred tool – complete with a crystal wrapped to the mast and the inclusion of a ‘UFO WATER BATTERY” placed inside the tube in order to give it that extra ‘charge’. What other ways should we infuse this new technology with liminal magic?

Magonia’s Weather Station

Now, let’s see what Jeremy has been up to this week:

I installed a new WEATHER STATION at Liminal Earth Seattle HQ! It’s an Ambient Weather WS-2902C– it comes equipped with a variety of sensitive instruments and records temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, and way more. I’m hoping it’ll help keep away malevolent Weather Wizards and their Magonian allies.

You may have heard of Magonia if you’re at all interested in UFOs and fairy folklore. In Jacques Vallee’s “Passport to Magonia,” the seminal tome dealing with the abduction narrative as something present throughout history, he refers to the story of Magonia as a classic example. The original account of the ships from Magonia comes from “On Hail and Thunder,” a weather-related treatise by Agobard of Lyons, a 9th C. Bishop. Supposedly people in the region (S. France) believed in a sky-dwelling civilization of pirates who flew around in cloud ships. they also believed that really bad weather was caused by “Tempestarii,” wizards who could cause storms.

These wizards ran a kind of protection racket: pay up or we’ll send storms and the Magonians will swoop down and steal your damaged crops and/or you. Agobard, Smart Guy that he was, figured that only DUMB STUPID IDIOTS would believe in ‘storm wizards’ when OBVIOUSLY hail and thunder were caused by an invisible, all-powerful God because“the Bible,” and wrote his treatise to “prove” it.  During this discussion, he mentions that some of these RIDICULOUS YOKELS (seriously, he hated these poor farmers) captured four denizens of one of the cloud ships:

  • But we have seen and heard of many people overcome with so much foolishness, made crazy by so much stupidity, that they believe and say that there is a certain region, which is called Magonia, from which ships come in the clouds. In these ships the crops that fell because of hail and were lost in storms are carried back into that region; evidently these aerial sailors make a payment to the storm-makers, and take the grain and other crops. Among those so blinded with profound stupidity that they believe these things could happen we have seen many people in a kind of meeting, exhibiting four captives, three men and one woman, as if they had fallen from these very ships. As I have said, they exhibited these four, who had been chained up for some days, with such a meeting finally assembling in our presence, as if these captives ought to be stoned. But when truth had prevailed, however, after much argument, the people who had exhibited the captives, in accordance with the prophecy (Jeremiah 2:26) “wereconfounded … as the thief is confounded when he is taken.”

Listen, around these parts we like to hedge our bets and prepare for any possibility. Knowledge is the best defense when dealing with the weird. Just in case there ARE evil weather wizards out there in league with a society of nefarious sky-dwelling UFO pirates, we’re learning all we can about our local weather so we can be prepared. We’ll be sure to let you know if we see any cloud ships or have to deal with mysterious storms. We’d be happy to meet with the tempestarii or the Magonians to talk shop, but now we can do it on OUR terms.

– Jeremy

You can watch his TikTok on this very weather station here.

Tonight’s Plan

So, big question: what’s the plan for tonight?

Before the big 10 PM (your local time) event, we have a few pre-watch lives happening.

At 9:00 PM EST (6:00 PM PST), Courtney Block (author of Researching the Paranormal) will be hosting a special WUFO chat, discussing a weird dream that features UFO/Extraterrestrial themes. You can attend here.

Then, at 9:00 PM PST, we will be going live on TikTok for our weekly Estes Method session to try and make contact with whatever aerial entities may be into hanging out with us for a bit. You can RSVP here.

Once 10:00 PM PST rolls around, we will head outside to look up, find Polaris, and spend some time gazing at the sky. Bex was able to score a telescope during a recent thrift trip, and will be trying it out tonight! Who knows what may be flying through!?

Long term, we’re looking to host a live stream feed right on the home page of this very website. We want folks from all over the world to be able to share their skies/experiments/sightings – live!

Bring plenty of snacks, blankets, and maybe some hagstone binoculars (if you just happen to have some around, like Jeremy). This concludes today’s WUFO post – we are SO excited for tonight’s watch! Who’s going to be “looking up” with us?!

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