Stargazing Side Quest – Sept 28th, 2022

Stargazing Side Quest

Here’s this week’s side quest from Maighdlin Kelly, the astrologer extraordinaire: For Week 37 we will be looking for the constellation Aries! To find Aries tonight, you can start the same way we’ve been starting the last few side quests by finding big bright Jupiter in the sky. From there you can find last week’s side quest Pisces.
Keep moving toward east-northeast to find a pretty bright magnitude 2 star named Hamal – that’s the brightest star in the constellation Aries. ♈️ is a pretty small constellation, unlike ♓️ but because Hamal is brighter than any of the stars in Pisces, itll be a little easier to find. Remember you can use sky map apps to help! I recommend them and use them all the time. Those of you with a telescope can find the Fiddlehead Galaxy (NGC 772) in this constellation. Tonight will be a great night for observing dimmer objects since there’s a new Moon.
To learn more about this constellation check this out!

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