Wednesday UFO Watch – June 1st, 2022

It’s Time! This is Week 20! If you’re new, here’s a FAQ that will get you started. Reminder: send us a picture of your completed punch card and we’ll send you a little something in the mail!

At its very core, WUFO is a fun break from the week to hang out and enjoy each others’ virtual presences. You can do as little as go outside (or check a sky cam) at 10 PM your local time, or as much as hosting your own WUFO watch party (virtually or IRL)! WUFO has also created itself in a way and is continuing to grow all on its own – we’re here for the ride, wherever it may take us. We’re glad you’re here, too!

This week we’ll also be raising donations for Real Rent Duwamish. Visit or at and consider donating to this important cause.

Weekly Live Contact Session

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Gone are the days where you need to check various socials for our weekly live contact sessions – now, you can watch the stream right here at 8:30 PM PST. Hit that bell icon to turn on notifications for this event!

This week, we are not hosting a special guest. Instead, we are going to try out a ritual Jeremy discovered while digging through some old grimoires. More info to come on 6/01/22!

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This is an excellent way to support WUFO as we put a lot of time and energy into making each week as awesome and accessible for folks as possible!

Stargazing Side Quest

Your Wednesday Night UFO Watch party side quest is here!

Courtesy of Astrologer Extraordinaire Maighdlin Kelly:

For 20 on June 1st 2022 we will be looking for the constellation ♎ LIBRA ⚖

You may be wondering isn’t ♎ a fall sign? And yes the tropical zodiac sign ♎ starts at the autumnal equinox, but when the Sun is in this part of the sky that means its only up during the day. In order for it to be visible in the night sky, the Sun needs to be opposite it.

♎ is a pretty small constellation that can be found by looking southeast at night. If you find Spica and Arcturus (two prev side quest stars) you can kinda see ♎ as forming the 3rd point to a triangle with them. Use a sky map app if you need help (I use em all the time).

Let us know if you find this constellation or any ultraterrestrials! Don’t forget to tag across all socials –

Also! If you’ve been enjoying these weekly stargazing side-quests then you’ll love the new class I’m hosting called Stargazing for Paranormal Investigators!

In this class we’ll learn about star-hopping, what in the sky is most likely to be mistaken for UFOs, and more! Spots are limited and are filling up so sign up here if you’re interested. This is a live class, but live attendance is not required. Reserve your spot here.

Consider joining Maighdlin’s Patreon here for more Astrology awesomeness.

Now let’s catch up with last week’s WUFO!

Last Week’s Recap

Last week, we were joined by our friend Adler Kuper! We hung out for a bit, read some cards, and then hopped into a session.

Bex went “under” for an Estes Method session using a special MP3 crafted by John E.L.Tenney. Garrett went “under” as well, but was using a SB7 spirit box and a traditional Estes Method session set up. Jeremy and Adler provided commentary and asked questions.

This session was one of the first we believe to have been almost conversational between the two receivers! You can watch the full, unedited stream by joining Liminal Earth’s Patreon for just $1!

The official transcript of this session is being drafted as you read this, and will be added to this section when completed!

After the session, during our sky watch, Garrett saw something strange in the sky!

Did he have a genuine UFO sighting? Was this a WUFO gift?! We’ll never know but we can sure speculate!

Tonight’s Plan

Tonight we’ll be attempting to invite Aerial Entities into vessels filled with UFO Water! Jeremy created a ritual based on old grimoires and ancient Mediterranean magical traditions. Tonight we’ll go over how to do the ritual and then we’re going to perform it LIVE, and see what happens! Want to join us? Here’s a post detailing the ritual, which includes a supply list:

Aerial Entities Summoning Ritual

After the ritual, we’ll be performing the usual Estes session to see who… or WHAT… comes through!

This week we’ll also be raising donations for Real Rent Duwamish. Visit or at and consider donating to this important cause.

As always, we are conducting our weekly live contact session right here, this time at 8:30 PM PST. Join us for some card pulls and an Estes Method session! If you’re wanting to watch directly from this site, all you have to do click the video above when it’s time!

Once 10:00 PM PST rolls around, we will head outside to look up and spend some time gazing at the sky. Bring plenty of snacks, blankets, and maybe some hagstone binoculars (if you just happen to have some around, like Jeremy). This concludes today’s WUFO post – we are SO excited for tonight’s watch! Who’s going to be “looking up” with us?!

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