What the devil is a ?

We are an official Wednesday UFO Watch club! It is 100% open, free, and virtual/remote.

Is there a significance to Wednesdays?

@Weird_Astrology tweeted that the great John Keel said that the best time to see a UFO was on a Wednesday night at 10 PM. (This can be found on pages 143 & 144 of the Mothman Prophecies). Here’s the original tweet.

We were so excited by this idea — so we decided to put it to the test! The inaugural Wednesday UFO Watch occurred Jan 19, 2022. That first night, many of us were hit with cloudy skies and rain – nonetheless, strange events still followed the morning after: cat synchronicities, weird dreams, and general chaotic energy. Could there be something to this? So we’ve been keeping the tradition alive every Wednesday since and documenting what we experience.

And you decided to make it a UFO Watch Club?

That’s right! Every Wednesday, check back at the site and read a breakdown of the reports from the previous week and some ideas for what will be happening that Wednesday. You’re encouraged to come up with your own plans and experiments!

For most of us, we will be outside ‘watching’ for UFOs. Not only that, we have been hosting live streams on TikTok and soon Youtube  and other streaming platforms – trying to make contact with aerial entities from the comfort of our couch, using all sorts of techniques (for instance, the estes method and spirit boxes). Come join the stream and talk about what you’re doing for WUFO! We’ll have all of the information in the weekly roundup post and now you can tune into the Youtube embed right on the front of the site! Holy cow, right?

What’s the point of all this?

The goal is to get as many folks as possible to simply look up – gather some snacks, chairs, lights and make an event of it. If enough of us are out there looking up, trying to make contact – what might happen?

So who runs ? Wait a second, do I have to pay to be involved?

Participating in is 100% open to everyone and is 100% free. It is not the sole property of Liminal Earth, (though we, and Maighdlin Kelly are currently the main facilitators at present). Truly, belongs to everyone. We simply feel the need to gather folks, create what folks request, and facilitate as desired! Maybe you want to host your own WUFO.WATCH or live stream? Sure! Why not? Let us know and we’ll share!

However, if you feel inclined, consider joining the Liminal.Earth Discord server! You get access by joining our patron at the $1 Tier here. That’s it! Lots of great conversations to be had with some of your favorite weirdos.

Ok, sounds fun. But what kinds of things can you do at a ?

  • Go outside at 10pm your time and look up
  • Make UFO Water
  • Set out offerings for entities or make a UFO Shrine.
  • In case of inclement weather/inaccessibility you can follow these links to virtual telescopes/live sky feeds/guided meditations for making contact with aerial entities. You can read those posts here and here.
  • You can follow the weekly Astrology side quests created by @Weird_Astrology.
  • Print out your WUFO punch card! You can download the file here. Be sure to give some to your friends! Extra points if you laminate yours. We made a Tiktok about it and you can watch it here.
  • Whatever other wild experiments you may want to try! Let us know what you’re doing for !

Anything else I can do to get involved?

Let us know what you experience! Whether it’s on Twitter, through email – send us what you uncover during your WUFO nights.

The rest will occur naturally. The phenomenon will follow.